Funny incidents

I decided to blog about some of the funny incidents that I've met with, just in case I forget about them in time to come. Funny incide...

I decided to blog about some of the funny incidents that I've met with, just in case I forget about them in time to come.

Funny incident #1
On my way home one day, I got out of the train and entered the lift. Someone else entered the lift after me. It was a short-haired, bespectacled lady who wore a frown on her face.

I realised she was wearing her earphones only after she came into the lift and stood right beside me. The funny thing was, I could hear the "Ghosbusters" theme song playing VERY loudly..I assumed the music came from her earphones since she was the only other person in the lift with me.

I've always thought that the ghostbusters song is hilarious, and already, I had a huge grin on my face. Just to see if the girl shared the same sentiments as me, I turned to take a look at her.

All I saw was this stern and intense expression on her face. She looked as if she was listening to opera on FM 92.4. fact, she looked like she was listening to opera and analyzing all the musical techniques that were employed.

I swear I had a hard time controlling my laughter, especially after seeing her straight face even when the word "Ghostbusters!!" was repeated like every 3 seconds hahaha. Luckily the lift reached the first floor rather quickly, or I would have burst out laughing in front of her. :P

She's really weird...

Funny Incident # 2
This happened to a girl as she was walking to the train station some years back when she was still studying. It was a Saturday and she was on her way to meet her boy. Clad in a simple racer-back top, olive green capris and a pair of flip-flops, she was looking forward to a relaxing day out.

With the wind gently caressing her face, and her hair fluttering in the breeze, she could have been a pleasant sight to behold...until one of her slippers got caught in the drain.

From then on, everything else was a blur till she found herself flat on the ground. When she finally picked herself up, she noticed a family of three looking at her, dumbfounded.

I can't think of a better song(it's actually a Chinese nursery rhyme) to describe this incident:

Wei, wei, bu yao pa, ni shi hao wa wa....
zi ji die dao, zi ji pa,
ni kan shan shang, wei ni kai man hong hua,
ni men shi hao wa wa, jiu zi jie die dao zi ji pa.

And who's the hao wa wa? Yes, you got it, it was ME. *hides herself under the covers*


Looking sleepy at the loof - the place is so hot I doubt I'll ever visit it again.

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