5 Fun Facts About Sephora

I may not be a huge beauty junkie, but even I can't resist entering a  Sephora  store whenever I pass it by. A haven for ...

I may not be a huge beauty junkie, but even I can't resist entering a Sephora store whenever I pass it by. A haven for makeup lovers, its bright yet cozy shopfront looks so inviting, it beckons to passersby and lingers in the minds of beauty aficionados. Indeed, it is a fantastic one-stop destination for all our grooming and beauty needs. 

Founded in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud, the French beauty giant Sephora started out as a perfumery, and has since expanded its line into a more comprehensive one to include tools and products for HTT (that's head-to-toe in Tyra Banks speak) gorgeousness. The brand continues to be based in Paris, though it has gone majorly international, with more than 1,700 stores in 27 countries worldwide, including Singapore.

Now, here are 5 more fun facts about (practically) every girl's favourite beauty store!

1. The name Sephora was derived from the Greek word for beauty, sephos. Combine that with the name Zipporah, the incredibly beautiful wife of Moses in the book of Exodus, and you get Sephora.

2. Sephora is touted as "the beauty authority", as it aims to provide the most comprehensive range of products and service to its customers. 

Its "Science of Sephora" programme focuses on producing the most knowledgeable and professional team of consultants in the beauty industry, by making sure the team understands everything beauty-related, from the history of makeup to application techniques, identifying skin types to skin physiology, and the science of creating a fragrance. Phew! That was a mouthful. One thing's for sure though, Sephora does not take shortcuts!

3. Number crunching time! Sephora carries more than 17,000 products, employs 25,000 employees (4,000 of whom work in the approximately 300 stores in France), and receives about 6 million visitors yearly at its Champs-Elysees flagship store. Wow, that's more than the number of people who visit the Eiffel Tower annually!

4. In 2013, Sephora collaborated with the Olsen twins to develop a fragrance line, and with designer Marc Jacobs to create a makeup line.

Nirvana, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's first fragrance, has been available at Sephora since December last year.

The collaboration with Marc Jacobs hit all Sephora stores in the fall of 2013. This collection showcases products that enhance the three features that the flamboyant designer pays most attention to: groomed brows, kissable lips and bright eyes.

Marc Jacobs looking immaculate, as always

5. Since its establishment, Sephora has grown into a multi-label chain store that offers a wide range of products from international labels as well as its own private label. It carries trusted favourites like Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs, and Asian brands like Kose and Laneige.

If you think it's hard to extricate yourself once you start shopping at Sephora, believe me, you are not alone. Nonetheless, we all deserve to indulge in a little pampering every once in a while. After all, it's all in the name of personal grooming!

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