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 While I may not be plagued by hair loss issues, I do have a relatively sensitive scalp as I colour my hair frequently. It is also ...

 While I may not be plagued by hair loss issues, I do have a relatively sensitive scalp as I colour my hair frequently. It is also somewhat oily and itchy. I knew I had to do something about my scalp, hence I was looking forward to trying out a series of treatments specially customized for me by Yun Nam Hair Care. 

With a total of 27 outlets in both Singapore and Malaysia since its establishment in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care is an award-winning hair care brand and a recognized leader in the haircare industry. By targeting various hair and scalp issues with customized herbalogy treatments, Yun Nam Hair Care’s greatest achievement is its ability to restore healthy hair and the confidence of their clients. Yun Nam Hair Care has also won several awards, including the prestigious Superbrands Awards from 2008 to 2010 and 2013. 

Yun Nam Hair Care's professional range of hair care treatments effectively solves: 

- Male Pattern Hair Loss
- Female Pattern Hair Loss
- Premature Hair Loss
- Post-natal Hair Loss

- Hereditary Hair Loss

- Ring-shaped Hair Loss
- Mediterranean Hair Loss
- Patch Baldness
- Grey hair
- Dandruff
- Oily Scalp
- Sensitive Scalp
- Scalp Infection
- Hair Loss due to Chronic Illnesses

 To give you a better understanding of what to expect at a typical consultation and treatment session, I will be sharing more about Yun Nam Hair Care's 3-Step Approach to guarantee results.

Step 1: Professional Scalp Scan and Analysis
I knew my first consultation with Yun Nam Hair Care was off to a good start when warm smiles greeted me at the reception counter upon arriving at the Tiong Bahru outlet. I was then guided to a consultation room where I was treated to tea and a light snack while I eagerly waited for my hair care specialist to attend to me. 

As Yun Nam Hair Care believes in getting down to the root of your hair issues, I was asked to answer some questions about my lifestyle habits and health before treatment commenced. This helps the professional hair care specialists to gain a deeper understanding of how your hair condition came about and allows them to customize your treatment accordingly.

Agnes is my appointed hair care specialist and she will be taking care of all my treatments at Yun Nam Hair Care. She has a friendly and bubbly disposition which put me at ease immediately.

After answering a series of questions, Agnes conducted a scalp scan on different areas of my scalp, including the crown area, the back of my scalp, and the side of my scalp. 

Here are the results:

Did you know that a healthy hair follicle usually has three or more strands of hair?  

Each hair strand should also have a lifespan of 2-6 years, during which it will regenerate approximately 21-25 times. However, this is only applicable if your hair is in tip-top condition. In many cases, the lifespan of a hair strand and the number of times that it regenerates are shortened, no thanks to our lifestyle habits and environmental stress. 

I was informed that I had more hair at the back of my scalp (top-left picture) but I didn't have as much hair in the other areas of my scalp. Also, my scalp is pretty oily (the whitish residue are traces of oil) and while some of my hair follicles had at least 2-3 strands of hair, there were many hair follicles with just 1 strand of hair due to clogged pores. In a nutshell, what this means is that I have to improve my oily scalp condition before hair loss issues set in.

Agnes then gave me a detailed overview of Yun Nam Hair Care's products, all of which are 100% herbal. The key ingredient is primarily Ginseng but other herbs such as Danggui and Lingzhi are widely used as well.

Depending on your hair condition, Yun Nam also offers oral supplements to hasten your recovery process.

Step 2: Customized Treatment Programme

To target my oily scalp and clogged pores, Agnes recommended that I should do a course of scalp cleansing treatments. Agnes explained that this step is critical as my hair and scalp will only be able to absorb nutrients to stimulate hair growth and increase hair strength after its state of health has been restored. 

You can either choose to have your treatment done in the main hall or in a private room. I wanted to have some privacy, hence I opted to have my first treatment done in a private room.

I was first given a thorough hair wash using Yun Nam Hair Care's in-house Ginseng shampoo. The Hair Cleansing Lotion and Hair Renewal Lotion are used hand-in-hand with the shampoo to restore my scalp's PH balance. Yun Nam Hair Care advocates the use of cold water when washing your hair as this prevents irritation.

Next, the Dandruff Emulsion, a strong herbal concoction to melt off traces of dirt and residue was applied using a brush to effectively deep cleanse my scalp.

A hair steamer was used to open up my hair follicles and product absorption to allow deeper penetration of the products into the scalp. 

Agnes then rubbed away the residue with her fingers. I was told that this process helps to lift all the dirt and grime from my scalp.

 I had another round of shampoo followed by conditioner this time. I really enjoyed the light head massage that accompanied the hair wash as I could feel all the tension slipping away into oblivion. 

So, what did I think of the treatment?

Amazingly, my hair felt much lighter after the treatment and as I ran my fingers through my hair, I could feel that my scalp was extremely clean. What I love about this treatment is that the effects last for more than two weeks. I wash my hair everyday and I noticed that hair fall was greatly reduced as well.

Agnes did a scalp scan immediately after my treatment and a before-and-after comparison for my reference. From the scan results below, you can see that my oil clogs have cleared up significantly. As this was only my first treatment after all, I was advised to undergo a series of 10 treatments for more permanent results.

Step 3: Home Care & Follow-up

Having a comprehensive set of home care products that is suitable for your hair and scalp condition plays an integral role in achieving the best results. 

Here's the set of products that Agnes recommended based on my scalp analysis. I have just started using these products and will share my thoughts on them in time to come, so do stay tuned to my subsequent posts for more details.

 At Yun Nam Hair Care, the hair care specialists are trained to monitor each client's scalp and hair health, and appropriate treatment adjustments are made along the way for optimal results.

To recap, here are some of the treatment benefits:
  • 100% herbal formula consisting of mainly Ginseng extracts
  • Fast penetration deep into the scalp 
  • Stimulate New Hair Growth
  • Unclog and Repair Damaged Hair Follicles
  • Reduce and Control Hair Fall
  • Increase Hair Thickness and Strength
  • Strengthen Hair Roots

Free Consultation at Yun Nam Hair Care

If you are interested to try out Yun Nam Hair Care, you'll be happy to know that they are offering a free trial redemption for all first-timers! 

Yun Nam Hair Care

Hotline: 6363 3232 

Outlets in Singapore:
  • Century Square
  • City Square Mall
  • Heartland Mall
  • Jubilee Square
  • Jurong Point
  • Lot One Shoppers' Mall
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza
  • Woodlands Civic Centre

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