Fashion: Get Party-Ready for Christmas!

It's the season to be jolly, because of all the feasting, shopping, and partying you'll be doing this holiday season! What&#...

It's the season to be jolly, because of all the feasting, shopping, and partying you'll be doing this holiday season! What's a girl to do when there are plenty of occasions for merry-making? Look her best at every one of them, of course!

But the last thing you want to do is show up under-dressed for a Christmas bash, or overdressed for a simple cosy Christmas dinner. So how do you decide on appropriate outfits for Christmas celebrations? 

Here's how: 

1. Cosy Dinner with the Family

Go for a fun, sophisticated look that is grown-up enough so that you don't get stuck at the kids' table (not that that's a bad thing - little cousins can be more fun to hang out with!), but not so stuffy that your relatives start asking when you're going to get married.

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Try: a floral or motif print blouse, a pair of slouchy pants (to make room for dessert!) and pull the look together with a skinny belt and (optional) dark blazer.

2. Dinner with Your Other Half and His Family

Go with cozy knits and unfussy fabrics like cotton and linen. They give off that down-to-earth, girl-next-door vibe that will have your guy's parents warming to you instantly. Knits don't have to be frumpy, though. 

Try: Steal Keri Russell's look and pair a comfy cream-coloured knit sweater with distressed skinny jeans and Oxford shoes. If you'd like more colour, go for a pastel sweater and a skirt of modest length. You'll look pulled together but still approachable.

3. Cocktail Party

It's a cocktail party, so bring on the glitz and sparkle! Think sexy but fun, so a sequin mini dress is the perfect go-to. A flirty fit-and-flare dress paired with statement accessories or strappy heels will also do the trick.

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Try: The more you sparkle, the better. This shift dress from Mango is swingy, comfy and glitzy rolled in one!

4. Christmas Bash with Close Friends

If fancy cocktail parties aren't quite your thing, and you'd rather spend Christmas with a few close friends in your pyjamas, then get comfy in slouchy boyfriend jeans or leggings.

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Try: Even though it's a slumber party, that doesn't mean you can cop out and dress like a slob in your sweatshirt. Try something fun and unexpected instead, like leggings with a whimsical print.

5. Office Party

The office shindig is always a grey area. When you mix work with alcohol, it's easy to get carried away and toss decorum out the window. So let's clear this up once and for all: you are partying with your colleagues and your boss, so keep your look semi-professional. How do you strike a balance between fun colleague and serious employee?

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Try: A dressier version of what you would normally wear to the office. Add some glitz to your jewel-toned sheath with a skinny belt and metallic or nude pumps, or glam up your graphic pants and satin blouse ensemble with statement accessories.

What are some of your outfit ideas for holiday season? Share them in the Comments section below!

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