Fashion: Maxi Cardigans by Freja Designs

  Have you read my previous post on Layering with Ponchos by Freja Designs ? Today's post is rather similar, except that this ti...

 Have you read my previous post on Layering with Ponchos by Freja Designs? Today's post is rather similar, except that this time, I will be sharing how layering is made possible with a maxi cardigan.

Yet another functional piece from Swedish label Freja Designs, the maxi cardigan is perfect for layering over tank tops or camisoles. Again, this piece is made of 100% Rayon and is extremely lightweight. 

Nonetheless, don't be deceived by its sheer appearance. I threw it on on a rainy day and was surprised to discover that this featherlight number kept me relatively warm throughout the thunderstorm even when I was indoors with the air-conditioning at full blast.

Maxi Cardigan & earrings c/o Freja Designs // Jeans from Frame Denim // Top and Sneakers from Korea

I have to admit the asymmetrical cascading sleeves first caught my eye but on the whole, I find its dark yet sensual design very attractive as it embraces femininity with an ample dose of edginess. 

For this particular look, I paired it with my trusty Frame Denim ripped jeans to amp up the rocker chic vibe. I would have gone for heels but sensibility got the better of me, hence sneakers were the choice of footwear for a day of errands.

Aside from outerwear and scarves, Freja Designs also offer an exclusive collection of timeless jewellery that will never go out of style. 

It was tough deciding on what to pick but I eventually chose a pair of stainless steel hoop earrings with black zirconia. Its understated glamour and versatility resonates with me and in addition to wearing this on casual weekends, I can definitely foresee that they'll be out with me on weekdays to the office or even for more formal occasions.


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