Fashion: 10 instances of Kpop Stars' Cardigan Obsession

Love it or hate it, the preppy hipster look is a major trend and cardigans play an important role in completing this look.

Love it or hate it, the preppy hipster look is a major trend and cardigans play an important role in completing this look.

Thanks to the rise of modern British aesthetics, and the revival of the preppy look first popularised in the early 1900s, cardigans are receiving new-found appreciation among the younger demographic, and particularly among the boys. Yes, for the first time ever, I will be sharing some looks that the boys can relate to. After all, fashion is not only for the fairer sex, and I am secretly hoping that my hubby will be able to pick up a tip or two from this post too (oops, looks like that it’s no longer a secret)!

For the ladies, cardigans used to be regarded as boring granny clothes. But with the explosion of prints and cuts these days, cardigans are anything but boring. Just take a cue from the K-pop artists who are unafraid to experiment with the wildest prints and designs. Sure, there are hits and misses, but they have definitely made the humble old cardigan come alive again.

You could break all the rules and wear cardigans the K-pop way, but first let's review the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. Donghae

Super Junior's baby-faced looker Donghae looks impossibly adorable in this collegiate outfit, complete with a bow-tie and geek glasses.

2. Nichkhun

Speaking of baby-face, here's another one who does not seem to age. 2PM's Nichkhun does college cool for South Korean fashion label Basic House with boat shoes, stripes and a bright cardigan.

3. Kyuhyun

Taking a leaf from his hyung's book, Super Junior's Kyuhyun does the bow-tie and cardigan look too, this time with a mustard-coloured cardigan that brightens up the talk show he is co-hosting.

4. Park Bom

2NE1's four-dimensional (code word for kooky) powerhouse singer, Park Bom, looks right at home in her ice-cream printed cotton cardigan. I am sure that you would agree that this cardigan is as whimsical as her personality.

5. Shinee

Shinee looks ready for the eggnog and log cakes in this colour-coordinated getup that involves scarves, beanies and, yes, cardigans.

6. Shinee

Boy, they sure are fond of cardigans in a multitude of colours and prints.

7. Minho

Here's another instance of Shinee - this time just the "visual" of the group, Minho - showing some love for the cardigan. Unfortunately, he looks like a rejected Christmas tree or a child's failed art project.

8. G-Dragon

Dubbed South Korea's most stylish dresser, Big Bang's leader G-Dragon manages to pull off a punk look even with a muted grey cashmere cardigan from Thom Browne.

9. Jessica

Girls Generation's Jessica does mixed prints right with a slouchy knit cardigan and printed dress. Those brown ankle booties complete the laidback vibe of the outfit.

10. Tiffany

Like her fellow member, Girls Generations' Tiffany rocks a printed cardi. The bright scarlet print on her oversized cardigan makes for a majestic airport entrance. Plus, it totally goes with her hair.

Well, I did warn you there were hits and misses (I'm still scarred by Minho's awful cardigan), but at least they're not afraid to give it a try! 

Now, which look is your favourite?


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