Taipei Part 3

Before my memory starts failing me, I figured I'd better blog about the rest of my trip now haha. Day 4 (cont'd) Taipei 101 Aft...

Before my memory starts failing me, I figured I'd better blog about the rest of my trip now haha.

Day 4 (cont'd)

Taipei 101
After basking in the serenity of the hills, we decided to go to Taipei101 again. Look at the magnificient architecture against the dark sky..this is what the tallest building in the world looks like!

This time, we went there to enjoy the supposedly breathtaking night view, which unfortunately, turned out to be pretty non-existent.

In fact, I think the scenery looks better when captured on film.

The nightview can only be described as a huge disappointment. It's grossly overrated by the Taiwanese cab drivers!!! For once, I actually think that Singapore's nightview is worth looking at!

Here's me (acting cute again) trying to keep my spirits high.

But nah, I couldn't contain my displeasure any longer.

Shihui and peishan were laughing hysterically while jw was taking this picture. I didn't know how funny I looked till much later :P.

Aiya ugly then ugly lah..I was trying to cheer them up what Hahaha.

See..that's why we left the place feeling slightly happier ;)

Miramar Ferris Wheel

Wanted to drop by Shihlin again..ya we couldn't get enough of it. Before that, we went to Miramar Ferris Wheel. There's a feeder bus from Jian Tan Station (the station that you should alight from to go to Shihlin) but BOY WAS THE FERRIS WHEEL REALLY FAR FROM SHIHLIN. I wanted to mati by the time I arrived.

It was fun nevertheless, cos I've never sat in such a HUGE ferris wheel before. I usually don't enjoy ferris wheel rides because the higher you go, the shakier it feels, but this ferris wheel felt very stable despite the turbulent winds.

Took some pics from the top of the ferris wheel.

As expected, the night view was grotesque. All I can say is, my photography skills are impressive. :P

Went to take cute winnie the pooh neoprints thereafter and I swear the neoprint machines there are simply irresistable! hee huiz, pls send me the scanned neoprint soon hor!!

Shihlin (for the 3rd time)

hehe we came back here cos I think it's the only nightmarket worth travelling to. This time around, we were here for the food!

甜不辣 - No idea what this was, so we decided to try it. Tasted like yong tau foo..hahaha

Popped by another stall for fried ice-cream, orh jian and scrumptious noodles(not in pics cos we gobbled the noodles up immediately)!

Day 5

We spent the day at Xi Men Ding doing last min shopping before heading for the airport hehe..

Stopped by one of the swing restaurants for a quick meal. Decided to pose with the cute my melody stuffed toy that jw caught from the arcade machine! Thanks to him, I now have 5 new stuffed toys on my bed!

haha I look like a Lilliputian next to my bowl of noodles and bubble tea :P

haven't had time to post up my shopping haul yet cos I didn't actually take photos of them..i'll probably have to upload like 5-6 photos cos I bought the whole of Taiwan. More photos soon!

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