Day 1 We finally stepped into our hotel at approximately 7.15p.m. After unloading our luggage and checking into our respective rooms, we h...

Day 1

We finally stepped into our hotel at approximately 7.15p.m. After unloading our luggage and checking into our respective rooms, we headed for Ximending, which was still bustling with life on a Sunday night.

As expected, these pics weren't taken by me. I was too busy rummaging through the clothes and accessories to bother about what the street looks like. :P I was really proud of myself though, for all I bought that night was just a pair of red high heels. :)

Day 2
This day marked the start of our decadent lifestyle in Taipei, well...erm..I should correct this sentence. I meant "my decadent lifestyle".

Taipei 101
We went to Taipei 101 area. Pics will only come on Day 4 cos we went there to soak in the night view that day, a non-existent one to boot.

Dong Xiao Fu Xing/Dun Hua
After munching on diabetes-inducing donuts at dunkin donuts, we decided we wanted to look for Jay's shop so we scoured the whole place. Futile attempt.

What made the search attempt worse was the weather. It was scorching hot, so hot that I decided to whip out my umbrella to shield my fair skin hahaha. Unlike Singapore, it is not considered "auntie" to use umbrellas on sunny days in Taiwan.

In fact, most Taiwanese, young and old, carry umbrellas under the hot sun. That could jolly well be the secret to their fair and flawless skin! Of course, They could just be showing off their pretty umbrellas (yes, they have extremely delectable umbrellas, like those made in Japan!). I highly suspect the umbrella has become a must-have accessory for all Taiwanese.

Although we failed to find Jay's shop, I grabbed the opportunity to do some shopping at the illegal roadside stalls along the street. :P

It was quite a challenge, because the police came twice.

I didn't give up though, because I decided if the stalls weren't gonna come to me, I must go to them. So, I ran after the stalls, which were constantly on the move. I wasn't gonna let the police thwart my shopping plans! My poor friends and bf had to tag along..haha sorry shihui, peishan & jw for boring you guys. :P

As you can see, I stop at nothing when it comes to shopping, my greatest love (next to JW).

Dan Shui/Fishermen's Wharf

Our next stop - my favourite dan shui! It's a suburban area, something like our Pasir Ris, but definitely more scenic. The pics will attest to that:

The pics show the build up to the sunset..gorgeous isn't it.

We tried to take some pics of ourselves there too but the wind was so strong that we all looked like Medusa. Nah, you're not going to see the ugly pix hahaha! This is one of the better ones:

Afraid that we'll all (especially me since I'm so freaking light) get blown away, we had to cling onto our dear lives and jostle our way through across the bridge to get down to where the eateries were. That's where I got my tall ice-cream.

Thereafter, we adjourned to the night market at Danshui to look for 阿婆铁蛋.

Night view of some shops:

I embarked on another shopping spree upon my arrival, as you can see:

Night view of Danshui (enlarge for a clearer view) - it reminds me of HK

Shihlin Night Market

You'll probably think we went back to the hotel to rest after Dan Shui, but no, we trotted down to Shihlin for more sinful indulgences.

Me buying faux eyelashes - I loved them so much I went back to buy more. I couldn't stop chatting with the storeowner. :P She's such a dear.

More pics of Shihlin on Day 4! Gonna take a break for now haha..fingers are tired ;)

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