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Bugis TCC I met up with some friends last week for dinner at Bugis TCC. I love TCC (ain't the chandeliers and iridescent tubular blin...

Bugis TCC
I met up with some friends last week for dinner at Bugis TCC.

I love TCC (ain't the chandeliers and iridescent tubular blinds soo enchanting??), and my favourites are the zesty dory fish and azuki freeze (soya bean milk topped with japanese red bean). Me, feeling adventurous that day, decided to stray from my usual zesty dory fish, so I ordered Macaroni Gratin, which was quite dreadful in my opinion.

Thankfully, the company more than made up for the lacklustre food. One of them is also pregnant with twins!! Can't wait for the arrival of the newborns! :D

PS Cafe@Harding Road
After hearing about this highly-raved restaurant, JW & I decided to give it a try. Housed in a colonial bungalow overlooking luscious greenery blanketed in darkness, this quaint eatery hidden in the outskirts of Singapore emits a magical glow that is almost surreal.

It reminded us of a restaurant in Shanghai which was adorned with victorian antiques and intricate wall trimmings, coupled with a quiet old-world charm. There's nothing old about PS Cafe (except for the bungalow), but it transports you into another realm that is in tranquil seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the city.
As much as we adored the ambience, the food left much to be desired. We had potato soup and beef, mushroom and bacon ragout for our main dish. For drinks, I had a passion fizz while JW had english breakfast tea (yes, for dinner haha).

The soup was savoury but a little too chunky for my liking. Nonetheless, it was still rather satisfying.

The main dish on the other hand was quite disappointing. The layout was refreshing but not exactly appetizing. The beef was also too salty for me to appreciate its tenderness
. After a few mouthfuls, I was all ready for dessert, but JW was too full to move. Haha..he does look like he's too full to move in the picture :P.

I was hankering after the double fudge chocolate cake. Oh well...I'll probably try it the next time I go there. Yes, we're giving it a second try because I want to find out what the other choices for the main dish taste like.haha... I never do give up, do I.

Camwhoring while the boy was negotiating on the phone.

And, to show ericia what the full-length pic of the dress looks like, here it is. I look like I have no legs here because I was squatting a little. :)

While we were at Coffee Bean at Holland Village, I caught a glimpse of a lady with extremely well-toned arms, so I asked JW if my arms will look like that after I take on rockclimbing, his favourite sport of all time. He said yeah, for sure.

That got me thinking.

I think I may change my mind about rockclimbing, all in the name of love and vanity. ;)

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