Shopping is my favourite pastime. My list of pastimes increases/decreases with time, but this one is here to stay forever because I have too...

Shopping is my favourite pastime. My list of pastimes increases/decreases with time, but this one is here to stay forever because I have too much money!! Wahahaha.

Yeah, I wish.

Having undergone a change in my career path, I am embarking on a new phase of my life although technically, I'm no stranger to the new environment, which has largely remained unchanged. With better prospects (I hope??) and a more attractive remuneration package(my main concern actually haha), I have been grabbing every opportunity to indulge in myself. :P

Just recently, I was made to stand in front of a room filled with at least 50 colleagues, the purpose of which was to introduce myself to them, the CEO and the senior management.

I said my hobbies include playing the piano, dance and travelling, which caused a slight furore of sorts. Some guys(duno whoooo) went "woahhh". I got the feeling that they were impressed, but I couldn't understand why. Very impressive meh?!

I finally saw the light when JW aptly pointed out that the activities I stated are usually the hobbies of demure and culturally refined girls (supposedly every guy's dream girl according to my bf), and I am definitely not one of them even if I look every bit the part.

Demure and refined girl: Every guy's dream girl???? *raises eyebrow*
Yikes. now I'll have to live with this stereotype? I'm not demure lah that's for sure, and they will discover that for themselves in time. Neither am I culturally refined, despite the fact that I do enjoy cultural activities, albeit not on a very regular basis.

Therefore, Hsing insisted my hobbies are fake hahaha, but they're not! I just don't have the luxury of time to engage in these activities as often as I would like to. Sounds like an excuse? Maybe it is haha. Oops, especially since I conveniently and deliberately left out my favourite hobby of all time - Shopping.

On hindsight, how could I have done that???? I spend practically every waking moment outside of work on shopping! Ok lah, I do read and watch tv (such as news on Channel News Asia - I'm not kidding this time!). I also like to eat, although my body frame doesn't reflect that for reasons I cannot comprehend.

Anyway, too late for regrets now. Let's just forget about my ramblings and look at my recent buys:

I have developed a penchant for accessories from fie japan. So pretty and princessy!!!

I love bows and ribbons..

Bows again.

AND AGAIN!!!! This is not from fie japan. In fact, I bought it really long ago from this shop called Helen at Lot 1 Shopping Centre. It was only $29, much cheaper than most fie japan stuff, and it's my current favourite. :)

Another thing about me is that I enjoy doing things at the spur of the moment. I embrace spontaneity and the joy I derive from it is undescribable. Evidently, the law of diminishing returns doesn't apply to me, hence the numerous buys and dwindling financial resources.

For instance, I felt like dyeing my hair all of a sudden on Thursday, and so, I decided to do just that after work that day. No pics of myself, but I think I look good in that colour. After doing my hair, I took a stroll past Gripz, and was immediately gripped (pun intended) by the strong magnetic fields present in the shop.

The shop is not called Gripz for nothing, I warn you. If you don't get a grip (pun intended again - I get a kick out of torturing you) on yourself, you'll end up spending like me.

I love this pair..the colours are very Chanel.

New flats for casual fridays and weekends!

Hm..and what are these, you ask?
They're definitely not from Gripz haha.

They are my new climbing shoes! Or rather, my first pair of climbing shoes. :P

My usual size is size 5 but I'm wearing size 7 for this. JW keeps laughing at my shoes because they're 2 sizes bigger than his and apparently, the guy at the shop wears this size too hahahha.

Aiya that's because I have bunions (they're hereditary and cause no pain/discomfort to me) and my 2nd toe is longer than the big toe what. Not because I am nua or what ok. :P I look nua only. My ex lecturer says I'm like a gremlin, so cute and adorable, but once someone steps on my tail, all hell breaks loose hahaha.

My harness

And here it is, my reward for taking the first step towards accomplishing Mission Impossible. Pretty puff-sleeved tunic from topshop.
Actually, I have already taken my first climbing lesson about 3 weeks ago. Ok lah, it is quite fun. And ya..I look forward to having nice arms. :P

Yup, maybe it'll morph into my new favourite pastime.

But of course, I still love to play the piano, dance and travel. ;)

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